Click ‘PLAY’ to watch the presentation

Click ‘PLAY’ to watch the presentation

Here are the takeaways from my HOW Design Live 2019 presentation on Marketing Design for New Media

1- Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) is where ad dollars are moving towards

With traditional media dollar spend decreasing, and DOOH ad dollars increasing, clients are looking for new ways to engage their audience. They want to be on the forefront of new and emerging technology and you should have at least a basic level of understanding to hold a conversation with them.

2- Tread lightly when walking the Convenience/Creepy line

There’s a fine line between being a convenience and being creepy. Make sure you understand your clients customer base, research them and make sure whatever ads you’re serving them fit their profile.

3- Protect the trust your clients worked hard to build

We need to understand that not everyone is going to be ok with this new thinking and these new marketing and design tactics that are becoming so hyper-targeted that they’re practically calling you out by name. Will your clients audience be ok getting this ad? Will they understand that these conveniences they seek from the products we design and market for come at a cost? More importantly, how they react when they feel like they have been betrayed, that their trust in privacy and faith in the brand they’ve championed for is gone? We need to make sure we protect the relationships and trust that our clients have worked so hard to get. Because if we’re not careful, one wrong ad served or message sent to an unintended audience, you better believe that that bad customer experience will make its rounds quickly. All it takes is a message that’s less than 33 characters to set fire to the very foundation that your clients painstakingly built one customer at a time.

If you would like a copy of the deck I presented, or if you want to continue the conversation, drop me a line.

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