Your business is important to you.
But how important is it to your customers?

Your business is the best!

I'm sure you know why your customers should buy from you and not your competitor. Maybe it's the quality of your product or service. Maybe it's the excellent customer service or the value you provide. But the bigger question is, does your customer know why?

Your customer has two choices:

- They can buy from you.
- Or they can buy from your competition.

If your customer can't differentiate you from your competitor, they will almost always choose based on price. You could fight that battle by lowering your price more and more and more...


If you keep lowering the price, you diminish the value of your goods or the service you provide. And if the price is too low, people will think something is wrong. They'll become skeptical and you'll drive them right to your competition!

So, How can you win them over and gain their loyalty?

One if the biggest, most impactful ways is to understand the customers 'why'. People buy products or services because of the way it makes them feel, the experience they'll have or the lifestyle they live. If you truly understand and align to their 'why', your customers will become passionate about you and they'll forget about your competitor.

Ready to level up, gain customer loyalty and leave your competition behind?

With over 10 years in the design and marketing industry, I have helped dozens of small to medium sized businesses as well as the likes of larger businesses like Google, Skype, KidzBop, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), short film and commercial work for legendary filmmaker and director, Bob Giraldi as well as on-air and off-air broadcast work for stations across the country like WGN America, MTV, PIX11, WSFL, and DC50. I have also helped successfully rebrand and relaunch several stations and helped launch original programming. Suffice it to say, there is very little out there that I have not had experience with in helping businesses grow!

And all of it starts with a brand strategy session.

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration.
- Jeffrey Zeldman

What does the process look like?

Your brand is much more than just how it looks. Not only does your brand identity reflect who you are, it also helps attract the right audience. In order to do this correctly, we need to first identify how we're going to reach the right customer segments. Content is key and it needs to be established before any designs are made. Because of this, the entire process starts has to start with a brand strategy session.

Phase 1:
Brand Strategy Session

This two day session is a facilitated workshop with myself and the key stakeholders of your company. In the session we will go through several prompts to help dive deep into the demographics and psychographics of your primary, secondary, tertiary and most important, your growth customer. We will also go into defining your brand attributes, brand messaging and goal setting/prioritization.

Phase 2:

After the brand strategy session, you will receive the deck with all of the work we did during the workshop. Take a few days to review it and once you sign off on it, we will now have a solidified and unified vision for your brand. Only then can any design work begin. I will work with you to either be the agency of record to do the work, or I can work with your existing design team and oversee the process.

Phase 3:
Finalize and implement

After the design work is complete, we will then finalize everything and, if needed, help you get your processes and workflows in order to maximize all of the efforts we've put in thus far.

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